How it works:



From new business owners who want to grow, through to big corporates with a social mission or a desire to raise their profile, our offering has something for businesses of all shapes and sizes!


The concept is unique, simple and effective.

Just like our name suggests, we are all about collaboration. We believe it is the best way to do business that changes lives. So we have come up with a new concept that helps all our stakeholders to collaborate with one another, and for us to collaborate with you, too.

It's all based around what goes on in our app. This is how it works...

1) Individuals join our app-based community where they can ask for help, share stories and experiences with others. Building relationships with people who will help them to be the best version of themselves, and who they can help in return. Give and take is important!

2) Sponsors work with us to pull together excellent training, showcasing their knowledge and expertise whilst also helping members to learn and grow. These trainings can be found in the Videos section.

3) 3rd Party Organisations such as LEPs, banks, national and local organisations and individuals who provide services that are free for people in business, partner with us to help them connect with our members for their mutual benefit. This is especially important for those where their funding doesn't allow for a marketing budget! As a result, we can help members access free college courses, networking training workshops, resources, 1:1 mentoring, and more. These can be found in our HQ Updates throughout the Feed, as well as our Calendar and Documents areas - wherever is most relevant.

4) We offer FREE virtual and additional offline meetings for members to get to know one another and share support face-to-face. Because you can't beat a real smiling face when you're feeling lonely. These are shared in the app Calendar.


And the best bit is, anyone can join. No strings attached*. We operate on a voluntary "Pay As You Feel" subscription basis, with no expectation, only a polite request that members consider supporting us if they feel this service is worthwhile.

*All memberships are subject to our terms and conditions

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A new way to connect businesses to each other

and help people in business to thrive

Our Mission

To grow businesses through the power of collaboration. To see lives changed by helping people in business to grow.

We aim to equip, empower and encourage people in business so that they have everything they need to succeed and be fulfilled.

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Our Vision

A world where entrepreneurial people are supported to succeed in business, find fulfilment and never feel alone, so that they in turn can make a difference to the lives of others.


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