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Finding it tough? You're not alone.


Isolation and stress are amongst the biggest reported concerns for business leaders and hinder their performance significantly.

Too many businesses fail in their first two years, with less than 45% making it to year five. 


In a world where there is so much information, why is this happening?

Because we don't know what we don't know and we have a tendency towards independence as a society. So often, people don't ask for help...until it's too late.

This is why businesses fail. We try to go it alone, which leads to poor decision-making. Input from others would help us avoid major mistakes. We search Google for information and lose human connection. Support from peers who we trust would mean we feel less alone.

That's why we exist.

Why "Collabor8"?

You need to "Collabor8" to go further in business!

Those who are successful will tell you that their business is dependent on relationships, and they will attribute some of their success to receiving the right help at the right time, and due to the relationships they've formed with others who have supported them.

Why is there a need for us as a non-profit-making community organisation?

We believe that networks that exist for profit tend to attract those who are looking for business. Because you pay to belong, you are looking for a return on that investment.

We are not a business network that exists to make profit! So we have designed our service to help you to build strong relationships so that you and your business will flourish and thrive AND to link you up with a whole range of fantastic services that can help you FREE of charge. Our status as a CIC demonstrates our commitment to serving our community rather than profiteering as directors. And that's why we only ask for voluntary contributions to cover our essential operational overheads and enable us to deliver this service to you!

How we help

Life's busy and there are so many demands on your time, attention and energy, it's hard to make time just to meet new people, not to mention to keep up to date with everyone and everything that's going on! And sometimes you just can't find the information or solutions you need from a search engine.

We can help you to:

- Feel less isolated

- Improve your performance

- Make better business decisions

- Increase your business' profitability

- Feel fulfilled

How? By connecting into FREE local and virtual opportunities via The Collabor8 Hub.


We believe that together, we go further. 

Our Solution:


 "The Collabor8 Hub"

The UK's Peer-Powered Business Growth & Support Hub


The Collabor8 Hub is a beautifully simple concept we've come up with to solve the issues of isolation, lack of knowledge and resources, and information overload for you.


It's our app-based community and resource hosting platform, away from the noise and distraction of social media, for professionals from all different kinds of backgrounds. Also available through your web browser if you're not an app user.

It's a place where you can come to meet people, build a team of trusted peers, as well as access all kinds of resources.

The Collabor8 Hub is to help people in business to connect, collaborate, share, learn and grow.


With all the help you need to make the best choices, to give you the best chances to succeed as you grow your business, The Collabor8 Hub is available to YOU, right now!

The Hub itself is a really nice piece of tech that makes a refreshing change from the algorithms and ads on social media. But its real value lies in what goes on inside!

What's in The Collabor8 Hub?

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Your "Virtual

Support Network"

Get to know other local business owners so that you always know where to find help and never have to feel like you are in this thing alone.


Share support with those you meet on and offline, with informal meet-ups and monthly structured networking, organised and shared in The Collabor8 Hub.

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Your "Go-to Knowledge Bank"

Make smarter business decisions to help you succeed, with access to people who can help, as well as FREE training, workshops, courses, networking, 1:1 mentoring and all kinds of other learning resources.


We 'Collabor8' with other organisations so that you don't have to go searching. It's all in one place in The Collabor8 Hub.

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Access funding to help you grow

Not quite ready yet, but we're delighted to be preparing to help you scale your business by providing the potential to access to much-needed investment, with an amazing, game-changing twist.

We want to help you succeed, give back to the community and change lives beyond your own. More information coming soon...

How much does it cost?

It's up to you!


To make sure that anyone can join us regardless of their budget, we work on a "Pay As You Feel" basis...


We offer our services to you with no strings attached, so if you can pay, great! But if you can't, we'll help you anyway!


We'd rather you got the support you needed than walked away on the basis of affordability.



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