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We are an organisation that facilitates peer-to-peer support and promotes the development of people who are starting or growing small businesses in Hampshire.

We help people in business to succeed to benefit local families, communities and the economy


Get help from your peers!


We help local people connect to find support, build relationships and get help to grow. 


How experienced you are is irrelevant, what's important is a collaborative approach.


We work together with many partners to benefit local people, businesses and communities.


Learn about our sponsorship packages, new leadership opportunities and other ways we can 'Collabor8'.

We appreciate any support.

Are you a new or small business owner? Looking to grow and connect with others who want to help?

If so, come and join us!


Meet entrepreneurial business leaders in our Hub who are all working towards achieving their goals.


We'll help you to learn from others and share resources and knowledge through our Hub.


Use the opportunities and tools available to help you make smart decisions, grow yourself and your business. 


Find fulfilment as you build a business that'll change lives - yours and other peoples' too.

"Great group of business people helping each other without expectation or reward"

 Bernie Frigot, Dorset


Join Us

Join our community, access resources and events, and meet other business leaders through our app - available on a "Pay As You Feel" basis

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